Why you'll save money with AdminBox | AdminBox

Why you'll save money with AdminBox

Why you'll save money with AdminBox

AdminBox will help you save money. How, you ask? Well, let's take just one of our categories, car insurance.

Save money on your car insurance

Typically, most people are busy. They'll get a reminder from their current car insurance company TWO WEEKS before the renewal date. And then they'll make a mental note to do something about it. And then they'll probably forget. They may get it renewed near the day or they may just let it auto-renew, because it's less hassle and they know they're covered that way. 

BUT, it's a proven FACT that renewing your car insurance more than 21 days (and not more than 30 days) prior to the renewal date will get you a much cheaper premium. Here at AdminBox we proved this ourselves and covered it with this blog article: How to save on your car insurance. So how much can you save?

Well, in our example, the same day quote was £448 and the quote secured in advance was £294 -  a saving of £154. Same car, same details, same level of cover. 

An AdminBox subscription costs less than a Starbucks coffee per month. You could have an AdminBox subscription for more than FOUR YEARS from the car insurance savings alone. 

Save money on your credit cards

Everyone is doing balance transfers. Some 600,000 balance transfers took place in July 2018, with the amount switched totalling £1.29 billion. If you, like most people, have a 0% credit card because you've moved a previous card debt over to it, you'll know when that 0% ends right? Errr, well, maybe. Most credit card companies won't tell you when 0% rate expires. They'll happily let you move on the variable rate, quietly adding on variable rate interest to your debt without you realising. AdminBox pings you a reminder four weeks before the expiry of your 0% rate (find out when it is and enter it into your AdminBox account). This gives you a chance to do the credit card switch to a different 0% rate, and gives you a much better chance of paying it off. By switching you will save the money that might otherwise have had to stump up in additional interest rate payments.

Saving money on your mortgage

If you are on a fixed rate mortgage, do you know when your fixed rate mortgage ends? Do you have it written down anywhere? Or will the first time you know about it be when you look at your bank transactions and wonder why your mortgage has suddenly gone up. You don't need to do worry with an AdminBox subscription. Find out when it ends, pop the date into AdminBox and we will ping you a reminder six weeks before, so it gives you a chance to change the rate or arrange a remortgage. 

Save money on energy

And now, the big one, energy. The energy billing market is a bit of a mess. Some people are in credit, some are in debit. Most are paying for estimated meter readings. Some 12 million households in the UK are on a standard variable tariff with the big six energy suppliers and overpay by an average £350 a year. If you simply got on a fixed tariff, put your renewal date into AdminBox, we'll ping you a reminder four weeks before that date, so you can switch. Many people are automatically shifted to a standard variable rate and pay more than they need to. 

There are other categories you could save money on, such as broadband, breakdown cover and home insurance, but we'll cover those at a later date.

In summary, there is a lot you can do to save money, maybe as much as £500 per year (that's a holiday). Using AdminBox helps you get there for the cost of a cup of coffee each month. Plus it has the benefit of having everything you need at your fingertips, and puts you in complete control. 

  • 25 Aug 2018
  • By: Paul Chapman