Manage all your household admin

in a single dashboard - for free

Change the way you manage household finances, bills and home admin. Add your providers to your dashboard, manage your household bills and find better and cheaper deals for car insurance, energy, mobile, broadband, mortgages and more.

No hassle set up - we link to all your account logins, so you can quickly find and add your information. 

Find Cheaper Deals | Get Renewal Alerts | Upload Documents | Share Account | Make Notes | Secure & Encrypted 🔒

Manage your household admin

Feeling squeezed?

Find cheaper deals & save money

AdminBox partners with whole of market comparison providers (such as energy comparison sites) so you can find the best deals.

We give you the best deals so you save money on your household bills. Over 50% of UK households are still on a variable energy tariff!

We've partnered with a wide range of accredited, whole of market price comparison services, to save you the bother and time on admin. 

Take control of your household bills and start saving with AdminBox - the leading household finances dashboard.

Feeling squeezed?

When are your renewal dates?

Sign up and get renewal reminders

With all the household admin you have to do, it's hard to keep track of renewal dates.

After expiry, you're likely to pay more by being moved to standard variable rates automatically.

No longer. Enter your expiry dates for all your utilities in your AdminBox account, and get sent a reminder - in advance - to take action.

Don't get caught out. Don't pay more than you need to because you missed a renewal date.

Forgot your renewal dates?

Lost that bit of paper?

Keep notes on your providers

Sometimes you have to contact customer services. They keep notes about you on their system. Why not keep notes on them?

Don't scribble notes on a bit of paper and then lose them and have no record of your conversation.

When you make a note, it is automatically date-stamped in AdminBox, so you know what you said, to who, and when.

Add as many notes fields as you like, and refer back to them. Keep notes of contract amendments, complaints, meter reads, reference numbers, and more.

Lost that bit of paper?

Upload important documents securely

all files and data are encrypted

Remember the PPI scandal when no-one could find any paperwork - not even the banks?

No longer. Upload your important documents and store them securely online in your AdminBox account.

AdminBox employs 256-bit file encryption on secure servers keep your documents and data safe.

File examples: bills, loan agreements, terms and conditions, no-claims bonus, photos of letters, statements, pension statements, application forms and insurance policies.

Upload and securely store documents

Switched provider?

Then archive the old account

Old paperwork. Can you remember where any of it is?

If you switch, or stop using a provider in your account, use our Archive feature to store old accounts.

The advice is to store some paperwork for up to six years – many experts advise keeping paperwork even longer.

Useful for issues such as when banks are at fault (PPI), following up complaint or account closures, separation or divorce, or other life changing events.

Switched provider?

Got a household admin headache?

We've got you covered.

Select a category, add your providers and build your AdminBox Dashboard. Think gas, electricity, council tax, loans, credit cards, broadband and more.

AdminBox automatically populates your dashboard with provider details, such as website, customer services phone number and opening hours.

Share your Adminbox Dashboard with family and household members. Or you may have your own Adminbox account and would like access to the Adminbox Dashboard of an elderly parent, son or daughter.

When completing forms the only mandatory field we ask for is renewal date. Everything else is your choice. All data is encrypted and we don't screen scrape your accounts.

Got a household admin headache?